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Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan-Taiwan: A Human Interest Story

Every adversity brings a new opportunity; every challenge a new victory; every need a new prayer.

The Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry Missioner (Fred Vergara)  in close working relation with the Partnership Officer for Asia and the Pacific (Peter Ng) and the Mission Personnel Officer (David Copley) organized the Prayer Service for Japan last Friday, March 11, 2011 that set-off a chain of similar prayer meetings among our network.

A number of churches, seminaries and dioceses here and abroad have reported doing and will do Prayer Services and Benefit Concerts using our liturgical setting.

Here’s another human interest story: The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real (EDECR) received a request from a parishioner in Cambria, California asking for a priest to baptize a “brain dead” baby in Taipei. The child’s family were evacuated from Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami. EDECR sent the request to the EAM Office which we readily forwarded to the Diocese of Taiwan and to the Rev. Diane Wong, who was formerly in Taiwan and now is in Boston.

In a matter of time, we received a letter from Rev. Herbert Baker, priest in charge of the English Congregation of the Good Shepherd Parish in Taipei and it says, “Dear Fred; I and (Rev.) Lily Chang, our rector, visited the Carter family this afternoon at Taipei University Children’s Hospital. Baby Karina Carter has received baptism. We offered prayers of blessing for Karina and her sister, Baby Emma, who is hospitalized also for tests to insure that she is not at risk from the still unknown condition that has afflicted Karina…We will continue to provide pastoral care to the Carters and their infants during their time in Taipei. Thank you for notifying us of their need.”

Marybeth Powell, editor of The Kings’s Highway, diocesan newsletter of EDECR wrote in reply: “We. in the Diocese of El Camino Real are grateful for your help and for the worldwide community that so readily responds to a family’s need for their infant daughter. I sit here with tears of gratitude for this gift given to the family and their babies… It is stunning!”

Please join me in fervently praying for a healing “miracle” for Baby Karina and her twin sister, Baby Emma. Let us also continue to pray for God’s divine intervention and mercy for Japan, especially as they are still stuggling to contain and eliminate the danger of radiation from the destroyed nuclear reactors. Pray for wisdom, skill and eneergy for their workers and for those who are still engaged in rescue and recovery efforts.

Please also continue to pray for Christ Church, New Zealand and other disaster areas (including the Middle East) .

I thank the EAM Network for the way in which our prayer chain connects us all with the suffering and hope of people in the world

March 27 at 4:00 P.M. - HOLY CHILD EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 5038 HYLAND AVENUE, SAN JOSE, CA 95127  Contact: Rev. Ruth Casipit-Paguio at email: ruthcasipit_paguio@yahoo.com

April 2 at 7:00 P.M. - A Benefit Concert for Japan by Christ Church Sei Ko Kai (San Francisco) and Holy Child & St Martin's to be held at 777 Southgate Avenue, Daly City, California. Contact: RevLeonardOakes@gmail.com.

April 10 at 7:00 P.M. - Benefit Concert for Japan Tsunami victims at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, 3241 Brush Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042. Performers include Marcolivia (violin and viola), The Washington Saxophone Quartet, Burnett Thomson and friends, classical FX, Hidetaro and Zeyda Suzuki , emma Respini and Sejoon Park. Contact Marico Hiller at marikohiller@gmail.com

Yours truly,
Fred Vergara
Facebook: Fred Vergara

Today's Quote: "Prayer is the website which we set up in order to have a more direct contact with God." - Motivational speaker, Timothy Robbins

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