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Monday, February 14, 2011


(Valentine’s Day 2011)

I see Love in every rosebud yearning to break open; in every bird cheering for an early Spring; I see Love in nature’s way of expressing itself, in healing wounded memories, and of remaking the wholeness of a broken spirit. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in every babe that is born, releasing its nascent power by the sound of its first cry; I see Love in every child’s eyes, amazed at the world around and the vast expanse of yet undiscovered meanings. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in every good deed, every act of kindness, and every magnanimous gesture. I see Love in everyone struggling to make their lives to count, their world a better place, and their desire to achieve something that gives meaning to their existence. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in the laughter of the village fool, the pensive mood of the urban intellectual and the daily grind of the mundane. I see Love in everyone who passes up time so quickly wondering if there is another tomorrow and hoping that life moves on even if they don’t like what they see. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in the way people serve God with selfless devotion; animated by the thought that whatever is said and done will have divine rhyme and reason; I see Love in the communion of the Christ breaking bread on the altar of the world; a world redeemed by His blood---expectant of His return. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in the eyes of lovers, dreaming dreams never dreamed of, seeking realities of their fantasies, building castles in the sands of time. I see love even in unrequited loves, constantly hoping against hope that someday, somehow, love survives and revives and reaches fulfillment. I see Love everywhere.

I see Love in you who make my heart throb with joy, who make my spirit soar and my mind wander with wonders. There is not a day that I don’t think of you; not a night that I don’t dream of you, my partner, my soul-mate, my friend. I see Love everywhere and I feel Love within me and You---I and thou.

(Adapted from *I See God Everywhere: My Ignatian Spirituality Journal by Winfred Vergara July 26-31, 2010)

My colleagues heard this poem and they said:
Sarah Eagle Heart: “I love this, Fred; so powerful and beautiful; you really have a gift.”
Anthony Guillen: “I love it and needed to hear this today; a real gift to me.”
Mike Schut: “Brought tears to my eyes…”
Chris Johnson: “An extraordinary gift to our formation; thanks for sharing it.”

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